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There are many gimmicks in the market about online Job/work opportunities.

It became very difficult to analyze which company to start with, when to start & with which package we may start.

Before joining in any online business opportunity many questions may come in our mind, which should be answered promptly otherwise, we won’t believe in it & it won’t work for us. Till the time our belief is not strong we won’t be able to learn & achieve our goals (financial or spiritual)

List of some of the basic questions before joining an online organisation.

  • which online business is the best
  • Is it a HYIP (High Yielding Investment Program) or proper direct selling/Network Marketing Company.
  • Is it similar to the one which I have done some time back, I earned little money, then one bright morning the website was down & there were several cases on the company?
  • Is it legitimate, Is it registered with DSA(Direct Selling Association)
  • Their business model is allowed / legal in my country, is there some subsidiary which allows this sort of marketing plan.
  • Is this company is registered with International regulatory authorities & our country’s legal departments?
  • How secure it is to work with this organization, who is behind the company (Founder/CEO & the Management Team)
  • What’s the worth of the company, for how long they are in the market & what’s their vision & mission.
  • Is it safe to be a part of their team?
  • Who’s the Man behind the business?
  • Are they offering something of public interest/what is the product of the company?
  • What’s their commission/bonus structure
  • What’s the age of this company, for how long they are in the market?
  • Are they open to listen & learn? They stick to their main stream marketing plan & products or open to have innovations with new products or they beat around the bush as my or my friend’s previous company was doing.

And a lot of other related questions.

After appropriate research we started a fantastic UK based Organization. It offers a Unique (Community Style) Compensation Plan & Ownership.

Let’s dig into it.